Click/Tap the screen or press SPACE  to make the circle dash.

Hyper Dash is a simple hyper-casual game where you need to aim carefully and dash back and forth between the colored walls. 

Aim for the walls that match the color of the circle to gain points. 

Everytime you miss a target wall, a wall with a skull will appear. These walls will result in instant gameover if you land on them, so aim carefully!

If you hit four or more target walls in a row, a wall with a skull will be removed.  Hit eight target walls in a row and all walls with skulls will be removed.

The game get's much more challenging as you go and a new enemy type will show up once you reach 10 points. Survive for as long as you can!

Note: There are some buttons on the menu screen that don't do anything as they are intended for the mobile version. Download the game from Google Play for the full experience.


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Not a fan that when i miss once. I am forced to miss again. Consider swapping the side like you do when you get one right when you get one wrong.
Clean looking game and nice SFX.